Malaysia still investigating sex stimulant sale in Kerala

The Health Ministry continues to investigate claims that sex-enhancing stimulants made in Malaysia are being sold in the state of Kerala in Southern India.

In November, media reports said that sex stimulants in the form of gel, aphrodisiac brew, herbal pills and anti-impotence drugs, allegedly produced by Malaysian firms, are household names in Kerala.

The report quoted the state's assistant drug controller Ravi S Menon as saying that the products were sold through multi-level marketing.

"We have tried to contact the drug control officer who was quoted in the November media report to get more information about the products, but we have not been able to," Star Online quoted Director of Pharmacy Enforcement Mohd Hatta Ahmad as saying.

"We could not verify the authenticity of the claims as we do not know what kind of products were involved," he said. 

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