Malaysian Jiwa Mohan optimistic about WSH

Malaysian International Jiwa Mohan, who is among the bevy of stars joining the lucrative World Series Hockey (WSH), feels that the top Indian players being stubborn about their participation in the event is a subjective matter.

Jiwa Mohan

Recently, Indian coach Michael Nobbs wrote to Hockey India saying that if players quit the national camp to compete in the WSH, his road map for Olympic qualification will go awry.

"If I would have been in their place, I would choose to play for both. WSH is a domestic series, but representing the country is equally important. International exposure is also necessary like training at the national camp," Jiwa told MiD DAY.

Jiwa is optimistic about the franchise-based league as it will provide a platform for local talent. "Playing alongside international and Indian hockey greats, the youngsters will benefit in more ways then one.
What the Indian Premier League did to the many unknown faces across the country, WSH will do for them,"
he added.



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