Rejected by the object of his affections several times, the accused flew into a rage when he saw her lover enter her house; he went there with a gang of friends, chased him to a busy Bhandup junction, and stabbed him to death

Love triangles are seldom known to have happy endings. The pangs of unrequited love led to the brutal murder of a man in Bhandup on Tuesday evening. Rajendra Nagwekar, who worked as a bouncer in a shopping mall, was murdered by his girlfriend's spurned admirer at the busiest junction in Bhandup.

Victim: Rajendra Nagwekar

Victim of jealousy: An angry Chandrolia storms into Soni Kaur's house
while she is with her lover Nagwekar. Scared, she pleads with him,
and promises never to let Nagwekar enter her house again

2 After a while, Nagwekar tries to slip out of Kaur's house from a window
in the back, not knowing that Chandrolia and his gang are lying in wait
outside for himĀ 

3 Seeing Nagwekar slink out, Chandrolia and his friends chase him for
half a kilometre, wielding choppers and swords

4 Catching up with him
at a busy junction, they stab him to death. Illustrations/Amit Bandre

It all started when Nagwekar went to meet his girlfriend, Soni Kaur, at her residence on Station Road, near the Madras Cafe junction in Bhandup (West). Kaur works as a side artist in Bollywood. The accused, Ravi Suresh Chandrolia alias Salman, who was hopelessly in love with Kaur, had professed his ardour many times, only to have his advances rejected by Kaur.

"Spotting Nagwekar entering Kaur's house on Tuesday, he got furious and jealous. Gathering five of his friends, he forcibly entered her house. Kaur placated them and promised him that Nagwekar would not visit again. As soon as Chandrolia and his gang left, she locked the door from inside. After a while, Nagwekar, thinking that the coast was clear, tried to sneak out of the window at the back of Kaur's residence," revealed Sanjay Shintre, deputy commissioner of police, Zone VII.

Chandrolia and his friends - Sandeep Tushamar, Ravi Taak, Vijay Chandrolia, Yogesh Bhidalat and Sunny Lohess - were lying in wait outside, and started chasing their victim. After running after him for a distance of about half a kilometre , they finally pinned him down near the skywalk.

They fell upon Nagwekar, stabbing him violently with choppers and swords. "They ran after him, and attacked him with swords and choppers. He loved me a lot; he always took care of me," grieved a devastated Kaur, who claimed that she had even married Nagwekar.

Nagwekar used to work at the Metro mall on LBS Road in Bhandup (West), while Kaur does bit roles in television serials and commercials. Kaur had been married to another man earlier, but when her relationship with her husband soured, she began living with her mother again.

After her mother's death, she took over the responsibility of looking after her three younger sisters. "Kaur then met Nagewekar and the two fell in love, even though his family opposed their relationship. In the meantime, Chandrolia fell in love with Kaur. He would burn with fury and jealousy whenever Nagwekar came to meet Kaur," said a police officer from Bhandup. All six of the accused have been arrested by the Bhandup police, and booked on charges of murder.