Five days after 18-year-old Manajeet Bhagat was stoned to death, officials from the Malvani police station yesterday arrested his friend Anuj Kumar (in pic) on the basis of circumstantial evidence and for changing statements. Though Kumar is yet to confess to the crime, police believe there could be a homosexual angle to the case.

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 Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar

Kumar had told the cops that six drug addicts attacked the duo. While he managed to escape, they killed Bhagat. But cops refused to buy Kumar’s version of the story. They had found Bhagat’s body with a heavy stone between his throat and chest. Moreover, his pants had been unzipped.

Officials said that Anuj had worn a t-shirt at the time of Bhagat’s murder and threw it after it got bloodstained. When the officials asked Kumar to show them the spot where he threw the t-shirt, he told them that he could not recollect it. The t-shirt is still missing.

Secondly, before the murder took place, Kumar and Bhagat had gone out for a stroll. However, Kumar disclosed about his meeting with Bhagat only after the police knocked on his door the next morning. Kumar claimed he even went to the Malvani police station to seek help. But the scrutiny of the CCTV footage from the police station busted his claim.

A senior officer from Malvani police station said, “On the basis of circumstantial evidence, mobile location and changing of statement, Anuj has been arrested for murder. Further investigation is on.”