Man arrested for alleged sexual encounter with neighbour's dog

A Tennessee man has been arrested charged with criminal offense against an animal for allegedly having sex with his neighbor's dog.

Kimberly Lawson, 40, was seen pull his pants down and allow Adam, a German Shepherd, to 'mount him' at least three separate times in one hour, by witnesses who called the police. "

My dog is like my child, I don''t, I know people say he is just a dog, but they just don''t understand how I feel. I feel bad...," RadarOnline quoted the dog's owner, Caroline Morris as saying.

"We wouldn''t have thought that somebody, I am just going to say it, raping my dog cause that is what he did, I had to tell Adam he didn't do anything wrong. The man did something wrong," she added.

Morris also believes that the abuse has been going on for a month, because Adam had been acting strange.

"I feel like I let Adam down, that's how you feel, as a parent, if you are a parent and your child gets violated like that. You would feel like you let that child down because you were not there to protect him...and that's how I feel..." she said.

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