Man arrested for robbing own house

Dadar resident claims he had to languish in prison for three months, based on a complaint lodged by a man who wanted to seize his property

Here's a crime with a twist: Dadar resident Parashuram Govind Kulye was arrested by the police for robbing his own house. To add to his woes, his bail was cancelled and he was left languishing behind bars for three months.

House troubles: Parashuram Govind Kulye, his wife and children were
constantly harassed by Manohar Baburao Bhosale, who wanted to acquire
their home. pic/santosh Nagwekar

Kulye, now a free man, claims that his entire duress was due to one man's interest in usurping his home.

Kulye resides in a one-room apartment in Ladiwala Chawl, Prabhadevi, along with his wife.

He claims that the house belonged to his mother Janakibai, which he later inherited from her.

Kulye adds that a person, identified as Manohar Baburao Bhosale, had been eyeing his property and that Kulye had made several complaints to the police, which fell on deaf ears.

On the contrary, the cops told him that Bhosale had registered an FIR against him for robbing his own house. A month later he was arrested for the crime.

Shocked by the entire incident, Kulye approached the court and on February 18, 2011 the court passed an order in the favour of Kulye ordering that the room's possession be given to him.

He further alleges that the authorities were not happy with the order and hence, cancelled his bail application and arrested him again on March 14. He had to spend three months in Arthur Road jail.

Kulye further alleges that when he was arrested the first time, he hired a lawyer on the suggestion of the police. But he alleges that the lawyer gave him false advice.

The Other Side
When MiD DAY approached Manohar Bhosale, he said, "I am a retired fire brigade official and I don't care about this complaint. This means Kulye's worst days are approaching. He grabbed my room and stole my belongings. I have all the documents to prove that I am the owner of the room.

Meanwhile, Senior Inspector Ashok Unde of Dadar police station said, "I don't remember this Kulye. Lot of people approach the police station and I will check the records and let you know."

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