Man assaults ex-girlfriend, threatens to throw acid on her

A 26-year-old man allegedly thrashed his ex-girlfriend and the very next day, threatened to throw acid on her. The victim has alleged that even after filing an FIR, Malwani Police have not arrested the accused, who is her neighbour in Malad. The victim has demanded police protection.

The bruises on Alisha’s hand after she was allegedly beaten by Joshua
The bruises on Alisha’s hand after she was allegedly beaten by Joshua

The accused has been identified as Joshua Alvaris (26). He is unemployed. He and the victim Alisha Corriea (22) dated each other for two years, and parted ways last year. Alisha said she had left him as he was not ready to give up alcohol and drugs.

The incident occurred on September 13, when Alisha, who works as a CBSE board coordinator for a prominent school in Malad, was returning home around 11 pm with her friends. When she reached her house, Joshua allegedly came and dragged her by her hair inside his house.

He allegedly took her into his bedroom and after locking the door from inside, brutally assaulted her. After hearing her screams, neighbours gathered and informed Alisha’s father, who immediately rushed to her rescue. The victim’s father, Alan said, “On the day of the incident, my neighbour informed me that Joshua Alvaris forcibly took my daughter inside his room.

My wife and I quickly reached his house but it was closed from inside. After knocking several times, he opened the door. He had something in his hand, which he was hiding behind his back, and wanted to attack me but my wife stood in front of me. We managed to save our girl and took her to Malwani police station.”

According to Alan, the accused was with his daughter for almost seven to eight minutes. He could hear his daughter’s screams but could not do a thing. “His family was inside when he was beating my daughter, but even they did not bother to stop him. When my daughter came out she was screaming in pain,” Alan added.

He alleges the Malwani police took their time to file the complaint. The victim was then sent for a medical check up. According to Alisha, the accused met her the day after he assaulted her and threatened to throw acid on her face. “I am scared to even step out of my house. He is capable of anything. I have even complained to the DCP, but have not received any response,” said Alisha.

Cop speak
Senior police inspector of Malwani police station, Milind Khetle, said a case had been registered. “A team has been formed to nab him and keep him under surveillance. The moment we see him, he will be arrested,” said Khetle.

  • Saurabh05-Dec-2016

    Let us hope that the outlook of men towards women in society changes. This psychological shift also must be matched with equally deterrent laws, and the laws should be implemented. The change must come from the government, the laws, the media, and most importantly, from the common people. Yes, we need a psychological shift. Now.

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