Man's body found in creek,lover missing

Hours after Deepak Singh's body was recovered, a missing person's complaint was lodged for a married Noorjaha Ansari, who was dating him

When Kalyan cops recovered a 23-year-old man's body from Gandhari creek, they initially passed it off as an accidental death. Within hours, however, his neighbour lodged a missing person's complaint for her daughter.

Discovering that the missing girl and the 23-year-old were involved romantically, cops are now trying to find the missing links between the two cases. A mobile phone recovered from the body may hold the key to the case. 

Watery grave: Ulhaasnagar resident Deepak Singh's body was
recovered from the Gandhari creek by some local fishermen

Ulhasnagar resident Deepak Singh's body was discovered on Monday, in the waters of the creek by some fishermen.

Hours later, his neighbour Shakeel Chaudhari registered a missing person's complaint for her daughter Noorjaha Ansari, at the Ulhasnagar police station.

Digging deeper, cops unearthed that Noorjaha, who had married a certain Salim Ansari in May, was rumoured to be involved in an extra-marital affair with Singh.

"After Noorjaha's mother visited the hospital where Deepak's body was brought in, she lodged a missing person's complaint with us," confirmed P S Gadri, police inspector of Ulhasnagar police station.

"Noorjaha's husband Salim had called my son several times, asking him to cut ties with his wife. As payoff, he had offered my son Rs 1 lakh, and a job in Aurangabad. He wanted to get rid of him," alleged Singh's father Jairam.

Chaudhuri, on the other hand, said, "Salim Ansari lives in a village in Auranagabad, and isn't even aware that his wife Noorjaha has gone missing."

"We have registered an accidental death, and are investigating the case," said Sunil Patil, senior inspector, Mahatma Phule police station.

Cops now believe that the mobile phone recovered from Singh's body could yield important leads to the crime.
"We have found a cellphone, and are checking the call records on the SIM card. We hope this will help us crack the case," said a police officer of Mahatma Phule police station.

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