Man chained for several years rescued in Vadodara

Vadodara: A mentally challenged man who was chained to a pillar at his home in a village in neighbouring Mahisagar district for last several years was rescued by police and shifted to hospital.

The 35-year-old man, identified as Ramabhai Nanabhai Damor, became mentally disturbed apparently after he was bitten by a snake about 15 years ago at a forest near Dadavanta village in Mahisagar's Khanpur taluka, nearly 100 km from Vadodara.

After the snake bite incident, he ran away from home on several occasions because of which his mother kept him tied with a chain to a pillar at home, District Superintendent of Police Usha Rada said. "He was rescued yesterday and shifted to a hospital in Bakrol town," she said.

His mother works as a farm labourer to support her family of three members, including Ramabhai and his younger brother, Rada said. She used to tie him up because he had the habit of running away from home, the SP said adding that a villager informed police about it following which they went to his house and rescued him.

No case has been registered against Damor's mother, Rada said, adding that "there was no bad intention of the mother to have kept him chained. She did it t

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