Man charged for raping daughter for 34 years, fathering 3 children with her

Nov 30, 2011, 12:11 IST | ANI

A German man has been charged for raping his daughter repeatedly over a period of 34 years and fathering three children with her

Adolf Bergbauer admitted that he had sex with his daughter while giving testimony in the court in Nuremberg on Monday but denied charges of rape, saying that she gave her consent.

69-year-old Bergbauer has been charged with 497 counts of rape.

He denied the prosecution charges that he started to rape his daughter when she was 12, saying that the first sexual contact took place when she was 17.

"She was a willing participant," WAtoday quoted him as saying.

"I did not undress her myself.

He said that they had consensual sex about twice a week.

According to prosecutors, the daughter, who is now aged 46, said that he raped her in her parents' bedroom, in her own room and later in the woods in the back of his car.

She also said that he forced her into sex at knife-point, which Bergbauer strenuously denied.

"Never in my life have I done that," he said.

The daughter's lawyer, Andrea Kuehne, said her client was "shocked and furious" at Bergbauer's statement that the sex was consensual.

"My client would never have pressed charges if she had felt that way," the lawyer added.

Of the three sons born as a result, two died and the other is handicapped.

The man faces up to 15 years behind bars if convicted.

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