Man claims to expose nexus between tout and railway officials
The man who shot the video. Picture courtesy/Videograb

In a video that's doing the rounds on WhatsApp, a man has claimed to have been forced to pay Rs 500 extra per ticket to an agent outside a railway station to get his reservations done. This was after he was reportedly denied by the railway officials at the ticket counter as to the unavailability of tickets.

The man said that many trains were cancelled and he wanted to go to Delhi but added that according to man at the ticket counter, all the seats in all the trains were full. The man said that he was travelling with a 'madam' and kids.

After being denied tickets at the railway reservation counter, the man claimed to have been approached by a tout who promised to get him confirmed tickets in lieu of an extra Rs 500. The video sees the man rant on about how the agent got him tickets from the same ticket counter where he was initially denied.

 Man claims to expose nexus between tout and railway officials 
The alleged agent. Picture courtesy/Videograb  

The video sees the man confront the agent over the extra charges. The tout is seen denying having charged him an extra Rs 500 and claims that he took a mere Rs 50 extra per ticket for his 'efforts'. The agent further claims that the railway official at the ticket counter charged another Rs. 30 for each ticket. This despite the man having paid him Rs 500.

Here's how the conversation went

Man: What is your name?

Tout (stutters): Pramod

Man: from where did you buy my ticket?

Tout points at the reservation counter

Man: How much did you take from me? fro every individual?

Tout: Rs 50

Man: How much did the man at the reservation counter take from you?

Tout: Rs 30

Man: He said he took Rs 500 from me but he is saying the man at reservation counter took only Rs 30.

Scared about the whole video, the tout then runs away.

 Man claims to expose nexus between tout and railway officialsThe ticket counter. Picture courtesy/Videograb 

The man ends the video by saying, "This is a right message, and can be spread anywhere. There are many people like me who do not get confirmed tickets from authorised railway ticket counters initially, but are given later in lieu of extra amount."

The veracity of the video could not be confirmed.