Man hacks off friend's wrists

Dec 19, 2011, 10:39 IST | Akela
On their way to a party, 60-year-old assaulted his victim with an axe, buried his hands nearby and fled; motive behind the crime still not known
In an incident reminiscent of one of the most macabre scenes from iconic Bollywood hit Sholay, a 60-year-old man axed through both the wrists of his 35-year-old acquaintance at Badlapur on Thursday night.

The victim has been admitted to Sion hospital. Cops have arrested the sexagenarian on charges of attempted murder.

Modern-day Gabbar: Cops have arrested Pemare (above) for
attempted murder, speculate that he severed Menghal's hands (below)
because he was fed up of him asking him for money for alcohol on a
regular basis

Badlapur police have identified the accused as Maruti Shivram Pemare, a resident of Nerul, Karjat. He was employed as a watchman at Annapoorna rice mill in Badlapur.

At midnight on Thursday, Pemare paid a visit to the victim identified as Ramdas Parsu Menghal (35), a resident of Kurarpada in Badlapur. Menghal is a labourer by profession.

Party time
He asked Menghal to join him for a party going on at his workplace at the rice mill. An unsuspecting Menghal accepted the invite and accompanied Pemare.

On the way to the mill, Pemare assaulted Menghal from behind. Having subdued him, Pemare sat atop his back. He then hacked through both Menghal's wrists, severing both his hands, which he buried nearby. He then fled from the spot.

Menghal's cries for help alerted the people nearby. His family members rushed him to the local hospital, from where he was transferred to Sion hospital.

The motive behind the incident is unknown. Cops suspect that the crime was motivated by an old rivalry existing between Menghal and Pemare, who were acquaintances. Pemare was allegedly fed up of Menghal, who regularly demanded money from him to buy alcohol.

The Badlapur police arrested Pemare on Saturday. "We have arrested Pemare under Sections 307, 504 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The matter is under investigation," said Dilip S Pawar, senior inspector, Badlapur police station.

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