When the 60-yr-old victim's brother was called to identify the bodies of the victims, cops noticed bruises on his body and interrogated him; he soon confessed to having killed his kin

Three days after discovering the rotting bodies of two advocates -- 60-year-old Fahmida Zalal Shaikh and her adopted son Arsh Ahmad Zafar (27) -- JJ Marg police have cracked the murder case, detaining the woman's brother.

Breakthrough: JJ Marg police have arrested the brother of victim
Fahmida Zalal Shaikh for the double murder at their Dongri residence

The murders were discovered on Monday, when foul smells emanating from their apartment in Pathanwadi, Dongri spurred concerned neighbours to inform the police. On Monday evening, cops broke open the door and found the decomposing bodies.

After sleuthing for three days, cops arrested Fahmida's brother, who hails from Meerut.

When he arrived from his hometown to identify the victims, cops noticed telltale bruises on his body. "We saw gashes on his body. When we asked him how he had sustained the injuries, he hesitated before replying. This aroused our suspicion, and we immediately took him into custody for further questioning," said an officer from the JJ Marg police station.

After sustained interrogation, the victim capitulated, confessing that the bruises were sustained while subduing his sister and her son as they resisted his attempts to kill them. He admitted to have committed the murders over a disputed piece of property. 

Investigating cops revealed that the accused had met his sister and nephew on Monday afternoon at their apartment, and tried to convince them to grant him a share of the ancestral property inherited by them.

"This led to a heated altercation between the two parties, and in a fit of rage, he committed the crime. He immediately fled to Meerut to escape detection," said an officer.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, C Dorjee, confirmed that Fahmida's brother has been detained, but refused to divulge further details.

Ever since Fahmida's husband Jalal died eight years ago, the advocate would live with her nephew Arsh, who she had adopted as her son. 

 "As the couple were childless, they adopted Arsh, their nephew, more than two decades ago. After Fahmida was widowed, she decided to stay with him. Fahmida's other sibling, Iqbal Shaikh, has been in jail for the past six years, after being convicted under sections of the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act," added the officer.