A man in the western Siberia's Omsk city has been sentenced to a year in prison for chaining a woman on an island over a debt dispute

Alexei Kolchanov, who accused the woman of stealing 200,000 rubles (around $6,400) from him, took her out to a river island and abandoned her there.

"On July 19, 2011, the accused...beat his acquaintance up demanding his money back, forced her onto a boat and took her to an island, where he put a chain around her neck with a perforated canister so she could not swim across to the bank, and left her there," Omsk's investigative unit said in a statement Thursday.

The woman then found a large piece of styrofoam or thermocol and was able to reach the middle of the Irtysh river where she was picked up by fishermen.

It was unclear how long the woman was stranded on the island.