Pune: Man kidnaps, assaults auto driver for 'getting cosy' with his wife

Mar 15, 2017, 11:10 IST | Chaitraly Deshmukh

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Pune: A 32-year-old's suspicion of a rickshaw driver getting cosy with his wife has landed him behind bars. Santosh Biramane, the accused, allegedly kidnapped Somnath Shahji Karkud (26), restrained him in a room and tortured him with cigarette burns.

PSI Dhulaji Kolape said, "The victim is an unmarried rickshaw driver. For the past year, he would get his tiffin from the mess that the accused's wife runs from her home. Karkud would go to the accused's home daily to collect the tiffin or return it. But Biramane suspected that Karkud was too friendly with his wife."

Karkud said, "On March 8, Biramane and three of his friends boarded my auto. They asked me to halt at an isolated area in Sinhagad. They gagged me and took me to a room in Bibvewadi, where they restrained me. They thrashed me with an iron rod and gave me cigarette burns on my left palm."

They left him there, with a warning to not go to the cops. He approached the Sinhagad Road police, who rushed him to hospital. The four accused — Biramane, Dnyashwar Shekhar Biramane (55), Navnath Suresh Nalawade (27) and Shekhar Rajendra Nalawade (27) — were arrested on March 12 and sent to police custody.

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