Man misbehaves with Tina Datta on stage at an awards show

Telly actress Tina Datta (best remembered as Iccha of 'Uttaran') was at an awards event in Goregaon recently.

Tina Datta at the awards event
Tina Datta at the awards event 

While presenting the honours, one of the guys who received an award suddenly held her and pulled her towards him. Tina was taken aback and snapped at him saying, "Excuse me, don't misbehave."

The guy then told her he wanted to take a picture with her. "I did not expect that someone could have the audacity to misbehave on stage. The guy was unapologetic and gave me nasty looks.

I felt like slapping him, but didn't as he had come on stage to collect an award. I want to ask him if some guy does the same to his daughter/sister/wife how would he react?" Tina fumes.

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