‘Congratulations on the bronze. You have done us proud and have got our board ticking.’ That tweet from a certain Aishwaryaa Dhanush was one of many congratulating Gagan Narang in the wake of his first Olympic medal. Comedy Central India had this to say: ‘Narang is now an IAS officer. He can officially ‘practice’ on all corrupt politicians and win a gold medal in the next Olympics.’ There was this tweet from Kiran Kumar S: ‘The only medal hope for Pakistan in international shooting, Ajmal Kasab, is in an Indian jail. They must be sore after Narang’s medal.’ And from Karthik Perumal: ‘Narang actually won silver, but was left with bronze after paying 30% entertainment tax, 20% VAT, 12% service tax and 2% education cess.’

Turn it on
Responding to North India’s worst power crisis in 11 years, Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that 60% electricity had been restored. This prompted Harit Nagpal to tweet: ‘Shinde says it took four days to restore power in America. Sir, with due respect, it doesn’t fail four times a day there!’ A certain Anku had another message: ‘If you just want to disrupt Anna Hazare’s fast, you don’t need to cut off power to half the country.’ There was also this tweet from a certain Ashish Shakya: ‘Shinde was useless as the Maharashtra CM, so let’s make him Power Minister for India —UPA logic.’

Lights off
The benefits of power cuts were also discussed for a while, leading to these among other tweets: ‘No fires in government offices due to short circuits’, ‘No Priyanka Chopra chip chip advertisements’ and ‘you realise your laptop can do more than just connect you to Twitter.’

The last word
From writer Chetan Bhagat: ‘Whenever a molested woman is blamed for dressing a certain way or being out late, you let the molester off the hook. Remember that.’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online