Man rams tanker into ex-wife's house

An estranged husband in Britain made his wife run for life as he tried to blow up her house by ramming it with a fuel tanker.

Christine Billington, 53, fled in terror as husband Hugh, 51, twice crashed the truck filled with thousands of gallons of paraffin into the bungalow before torching the front door, the Sun reported.

As flames threatened to trigger a massive explosion just 100 yards from a primary school, a hero dad leapt into the 25-tonne tanker and reversed it away from the blaze.

Darren Fletcher, who was taking daughter to school, used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames that were already lapping around the truck.

Meanwhile, Billington, a driver by profession for a fuel company, was arrested in a nearby woodland after remaining on the run for three hours.

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