Mohammed Abdul Munir, a resident of Udipi, was arrested at airport for trying to smuggle in jewellery worth Rs 62 lakh; claims he was paid Rs 15,000 to carry the consignment from Dubai

The Customs Department has been busy of late as smugglers have started finding innovative ways of bringing valuables into the country.

In a bust yesterday, Customs officials at Sahar airport arrested Mohammed Abdul Munir who was hiding gold jewellery in his kneecaps.

Munir, a resident of Udipi, was arrested in the wee hours of yesterday when he alighted from Kingfisher flight IT 004 from Dubai.

An Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) official said, "He was carrying gold jewellery to the tune of Rs 62 lakh and had hid the jewellery in four different packets in his kneecaps."

Officials added that smuggling from Dubai to Mumbai had increased in the last few months with several passengers acting as carriers for the mafia in Dubai.

An official further stated that Munir too was acting as a carrier and during his statement had revealed that he was paid Rs 15,000 for the consignment. During his arrest, officials found 22 necklaces, 170 chains, 77 rings, 22 earrings and 35 bracelets.

The officials also arrested 30-year-old Mukhtar Sarang, who was waiting for the delivery outside the airport.

Mahendra Pal, Additional Commissioner of AIU of Customs, said, "We have booked both of them under different provisions of the Customs Act. Both of them will be produced in court on Friday."

Past cases
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