A California business man is suing his former fiancee, demanding that she return a diamond engagement ring worth 53,000 dollars and a 2006 Hummer he gave her after the two had agreed to marry

James Mekalian, the owner of a truck and tractor company, has accused his ex Nichole Grazioli of deceit and fraud, claiming that she misled him by engaging in "alternate relationships," among other things.

According to court documents, in April 2011, Grazioli broke off the couple's engagement. When Mekalian requested the return of the ring and the 2006 Hummer, Grazilio refused.

In the court filings, Mekalian alleges "the supression of facts" pertaining to infidelity and the "intent to break off the engagement were likely to mislead" and "did mislead" Mekalian.

The complaint also alleges Grazioli made nearly 1,000 dollars in credit charges to her former beau's account and refuses to reimburse him.

The lawsuit calls Grazioli's actions "extreme and outrageous" and the cause of "emotional distress" suffered by Mekalian.

One attorney told ABCNews the lawsuit is a heartbalm case.

"It's a waste of money and she could sue him for malicious prosecution" if there was no reasonable cause for the suit, says Michael Kelly, a 42-year divorce attorney not connected to the case.