Thieves trying to smuggle contraband substances into the city are getting more innovative by the day.

After Customs officials nabbed a man trying to smuggle gold chains in his kneecaps, authorities intercepted a passenger yesterday with 4.8 kg of gold hidden in kettles.

Martoz Khan, a passenger aboard Jet Airways flight 9W 951 from Bahrain, was caught yesterday while he attempted to make an exit via the green channel.

Golden Booty: Finding Martoz Khan's movements suspicious, Customs
officials checked his bags and found gold and some kind of blue carbon
hidden in the kettles. Representation pic

"While he was crossing the green channel, we found his movements to be suspicious and when his bags were checked we found kettles filled with chocolates and 4.8 kg of gold," said an official from the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU).

He further added, "He was also concealing some kind of blue carbon."

Authorities revealed that during interrogation, Khan said that he was working for an overseas mafia and divulged the names of two-three big personalities.

Mahendra Pal, the additional commissioner of AIU, said, "Khan has been booked under different sections of
the Indian Customs Act and is in our custody."