Geneva: A man arrested this week suspected of involvement in the theft and leaking of a medical file on injured ex-Formula One champion Michael Schumacher was found hanged in his cell on yesterday, prosecutors said.

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher 

The man, whose identity was not disclosed, worked for a Swiss helicopter air rescue company, Rega, which organised the sportsman's transport from a French hospital to Switzerland in June, the Zurich prosecutor's office said in a statement.

The man, arrested on Tuesday and interrogated by police, had denied any wrongdoing. He was being detained in a Zurich jail cell, the statement said. He was found hanged when officers brought him breakfast before a scheduled hearing before a judge.

No one else involved
According to an initial investigation, no one else was involved in his hanging, the prosecutor's office said. Prosecutors last month tracked down the IP address of the computer used in the theft of the medical records to Zurich-based Rega, which is the main operator of air ambulances in Switzerland.

The company denied any wrongdoing, and had, along with Schumacher's family, pressed charges against "unknown persons" for violating professional secrecy. The stolen records were offered for journalists for 50,000 euros.

Schumacher spent over five months in hospital in Grenoble after sustaining head injuries in a skiing accident at Meribel on Dec 29. He was brought by ambulance on June 16 to Lausanne. The transfer was conducted with utmost secrecy.