Manasvi Mamgai to sport only bralets in 'Action Jackson'

Chulbuli Pandey

Well, looks like Ajay Devgn's co-star Manasvi Mamgai plays a niche role in 'Action Jackson'.

Manasvi Mamgai and (left) with Ajay Devgn
Manasvi Mamgai and (left) with Ajay Devgn

Apparently, the girl will be only seen in bralets in the entire movie! And if some stray scenes have her wearing a shirt, they are made to fly off to reveal the bralets.

Manasvi Mamgai
Manasvi Mamgai

A birdie from the sets chirps in to say that when the unit celebrated her birthday on the sets last month, she made an appearance in a gold coloured bralet.

Well, must say the girl is getting into the bralet... oops... the skin of the character pretty well.



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