Manchester United are allegedly investigating their players after it emerged that some of them filmed a woman as she performed a sexual act on their teammate in a toilet cubicle at a Manchester nightclub recently, according to a newspaper report.

Man United manager Louis van Gaal
Man United manager Louis van Gaal 

The report, which appeared in British tabloid The Sun on Sunday, also claimed that United players then shared the video among other teammates.

The allegations, if proven true, could mean players are slapped with fines or even a ban by the club — a move that could come as a further setback for manager Louis van Gaal's side, which is currently languishing in fourth place in the EPL standings ahead of their clash against West Ham and in only in contetntion for the FA Cup title this season.

'Disgusting behaviour'
While the report does not name the footballer or the woman, who it says is in her late 20s, it adds that the players filmed the act on their cell phones from above and below the toilet cubicle.


The Sun quoted a source as saying, "They were in the toilets with the doors closed but other players were filming over the top of the door. It's disgusting behaviour.

"The girl has also been told there was someone filming from underneath. It was a drunken moment and they both got a bit excited."

Meanwhile, the woman in the centre of the sex scandal told the tabloid that she was devastated with the video being leaked. She said: "I have been crying my eyes out and I am not going to go into the details about it now."