Mandira Bedi copies Ellen DeGeneres with a group selfie

Have you seen a similar group selfie recently? After Ellen DeGeneres, Mandira Bedi follows suit cashing in on the virality of the picture on social network

Oscars 2014 turned out to be a grand affair highlighted with several memorable moments, one of them being Ellen DeGeneres' impromptu selfie moment that got about 3222372 retweets (and still counting) on the micro-blogging site.

Check out Ellen DeGeneres' epic group selfie at Oscars 2014

Mandira Bedi's group selfie. Pic/Mandira Bedi's Twitter page
Mandira Bedi's group selfie. Pic/Mandira Bedi's Twitter page

The coveted American awards ceremony that was followed and viewed live all over India became instant rage on social networking. So much so that Mandira Bedi who was attending a promotional event later in the day with Bollywood personalities like Shah Rukh Khan, Kunal Kohli and others clicked a similar group selfie and posted on Twitter.

"We had our own selfie moment..," Mandira tweeted.

Imitation is the best form of flattery, now isn't it?



  • Mosa05-Mar-2014

    What a pathetic replication! I have no clue who the hell are the one's at the back. Please don't compare this to Ellen's Selfie which was a historical picture ever!

  • Rani06-Mar-2014

    Mandira's selfie made me laugh hahaha Why Indians always have followers mentality, no originality what so ever. Pathetic selfie with mostly unknown faces LOL

  • abc12305-Mar-2014

    this is just so fake, 1000 times less perfect than the original..there was Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Ellen deGeneres, Pitt-Jolie, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep etc... for the original one..>>Of course it should be,..what a helluva selfie it is!!!!! meh gawdd!! there's too much power in there, its like effin bursting out..kudos to deGeneres for the tons of epicness there!!!! Bradley, Lawrence, Roberts, Pitt, Jolie, Meryl Streep and Jared Leto etc..worth unending praises!!

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