Mandy Moore's parents are her biggest critics!

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams
Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams

She plays a fan-favorite character on the hit drama "This Is Us," but Mandy Moore has a couple of tough critics. And she calls them Mom and Dad!

Mandy Moore's parents aren't very happy with her This Is Us character, Rebecca Pearson, at the moment. The actress, 32, posted two screenshots of separate text exchanges that she had with the pair following the show's "I Call Marriage" episode, which will air on Saturday, February 11 in India on Star World Premiere HD.

Apparently, Moore's parents didn't like how Rebecca told her husband, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), that her band was going on tour right after he planned a romantic night for her.

Her Mom's text says, "Great Show Mimi!! Pretty heavy!! Wow! Xoxoxo. Although Rebecca has issues doesn't she? Hopefully she is made to better in future episodes…right now Jack is the super hero."

The remark took the former pop star by surprise, "Whaaaa? Really??? What issues??

Her Dad wasn't sympathetic either, "You are so mean after Jack was so sweet and romantic, you tell him about the tour…your timing was awful." Switching gears, he added "We loved the episode…xoxo"

The actress laughed off their comments on Instagram. "Mom and dad know how to keep it real," she wrote. "Thanks guys?"

This Is Us was just renewed for two more seasons. The freshman show airs every Saturday on Star World Premiere HD in India.

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