Manish Paul hurt but not out!

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Manish Paul may be known for his sense of humour on the small screen but the shift to big screen greeted him with a worrisome moment. Shooting for his debut Hindi film directed by Saurabh Varma, a mishap happened during an action sequence currently being shot in Delhi. 

Manish Paul

The injury left the TV host-turned-actor shocked and he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention. “For a particular scene, an extra was supposed to hit Manish with a tube light on his belly. While we had padded his stomach, it hit him on his chest and it broke as well, leaving a deep gash,” informs a crewmember.

After taking rest for two days, the Bollywood newbie has already resumed the shoot. “It was no one’s fault. Things like that happen. I am okay now and have resumed shooting so there’s nothing to worry,” signs off Manish. 

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