Manmohan Singh invites Obama to visit India again

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh called up US President Barack Obama to congratulate him on his re-election and invited him to visit India again.

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh (File pic)

Dr Singh said that this had given the opportunity to the two countries to carry forward and build on the enormous successes that had been achieved in the bilateral partnership in the last few years.

He also expressed his appreciation for the personal interest and commitment that President Obama had brought to the relationship and said that he looked forward to continuing their close cooperation to pursue their shared vision for the India-US strategic partnership.

President Obama thanked Dr Singh for his wishes and said, "You have been a wonderful partner". He noted that India and the US had an excellent relationship, which had deepened over the last few years.

He also expressed appreciation for Dr Singh's leadership on the world stage and said the he looked forward to working together with him

Both leaders expressed their intention of seeing each other soon. 



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