Mannara of 'Zid' fame, and cousin sister of Priyanka Chopra, recently lost her diamond ring worth 1.5 lakh rupees, the actress said in a statement.

Mannara said, "I just lost my diamond ring worth 1.5 lakhs."

Mannara loses a diamond ring worth 1.5 lakh rupees

Wondering what is the significance of the ring? Mannara said, "It was my sister's present to me. When I started working, I gave a small diamond ring to my younger sister and she used to flaunt it. Now, when she started working, she gave me a solitaire which I just lost."

The starlet does not remember how the ring disappeared.

On the professional front, Mannara recently grabbed headlines for rejecting an offer to star in the sex comedy 'Great Grand Masti'. Want to know why Mannara declined the role? Read our story here to find out.