Manny Pacquiao to wear world's most expensive shorts for Mayweather fight

Boxer Manny Pacquiao will be wearing the world's most expensive shorts when he takes the ring at the MGM Grand Garden Arena against Floyd Mayweather on May 2.

Manny Pacquiao. Pic/Getty Images
Manny Pacquiao. Pic/Getty Images 

The fight is said to be the richest of all time at USD300 million (Rs 1887 crore) .

Then, there are other aspects of the race, where big bucks are involved too, like TV rights, ticket sales etc. One such interesting aspect is Pacquiao's shorts, which are set to sponsorship logos worth a cool USD2.25 million (R14 crore), reports the Manila Bulletin.

Details of the logos he will sport though, are yet unclear.

Pacquiao, who was visited by Hollywood super star Sylvester Stallone in the latest of a string of celebrity meet-ups, is assured more than 50 million pounds from the big fight.

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