Manohar Parrikar has no plans to move to Centre if Modi becomes PM

Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar yesterday said that he had no plans to move to the Centre if BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi became prime minister. Parrikar was in the city on Sunday to campaign for the party's Pune constituency candidate Anil Shirole.

Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar. Pic/Mohan Patil
Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar. Pic/Mohan Patil 

Replying to a query raised by journalists, Parrikar said, "I will remain in Goa. The voters of Goa have elected me for the brief tenure of five years, and I am happy to remain as chief minister of my state," Parrikar said.

Recently, a probable list of cabinet ministers if Modi becomes PM was published in a few newspapers. In the list, Parrikar was mentioned as the probable home minister of the nation. The Goa chief minister, though, refused that he'd move to the Centre, saying that he would like to help, if needed, in the National Development Council.

Taking a dig at former Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal, Parrikar said that simplicity had little to do with good governance. "The concept of vote for good governance was first started in Goa. It is not necessary that the person who calls himself simple would work for the betterment of the nation," Parrikar added.

Asked why only Gujarat was being glorified as the model of development, he said, "Goa has also established the same model of development, but Gujarat being a bigger state, its model of development is being discussed frequently."

He added that for the first time, Goa broke the election record with 76.82 per cent voter turnout on Saturday in the Lok Sabha elections. "This itself shows that the people are fed up with the Congress-led UPA government," Parrikar said.

Give clarification on 'Accidental PM': Javadekar

National spokesperson, BJP, Prakash Javadekar, was also in the city on Sunday. Raking the controversial Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjay Baru, former adviser of PM Manmohan Singh, Baru's book alleges that Singh allowed his authority to be undermined by Sonia Gandhi. "We would not just accept the statement from the prime minister's office, which simply said that the book is fiction. The Congress should give its clarification on each chapter of the book," Javadekar said.

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