Map, draw and share

Map your trek
Perhaps one of the most simple navigation apps, My Tracks, helps you record your movement using GPS satellites (that includes unknown places as well) and then show it on Google Maps. You can either save the route on Google Drive or on an external storage. You can also use Bluetooth to pair your handset with any other sensor with Bluetooth connectivity. You need Google Earth to use all the features.
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Available on: Google Play
Price: Free

Draw your own route
Use an already established route or create one of your own with Outdoor Navigation. The app allows you to draw a route of your own. It also allows one to
create their own waypoints, map their routes using GPS satellite and then share it with friends. You can also send an SOS message, in case you are lost in the woods. Some features like compass are available only after purchasing the add-ons on the free version.
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Available on:  Google Play, iTunes and Windows Marketplace
Price: Free (Rs 269.99 for pro version)

Track your health on a trek
Endomodo does more than any other navigation app. It not only maps your trekking route, records time spent and distance covered, but also updates you on calories burnt in the process. The data is very specific and changes depending on the
sporting activity like running, walking or cycling. Besides, you can also track your activity on their website Now, isn’t that healthy?
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Available on:  Google Play, iTunes and Windows Marketplace
Price: Free (Rs 275 for pro version)

NOTE: For these apps to function properly, please check that you have a 3G mobile data connection and a built-in GPS sensor on your phone / tablet. Most of the inexpensive phones don’t have a GPS sensor and uses mobile phone towers to locate your position, thus giving false reading.

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