Maradona may face trial for defamation

Milan: Prosecutors in Rome are seeking charges against former Argentine World Cup-winner and Napoli star Diego Maradona for allegedly defaming the former head of Italy's tax collection agency.

Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona

Maradona is accused of having defamed Attilio Befera, the former president of Equitalia which is the the department for tax collection in Italy, in comments he made in 2012, when he claimed he was being mistreated by the Italian authorities.

Rome district attorney Nicola Maiorano said on Wednesday that Maradona, “in a series of public appearances and interviews, claimed he was victim of instrumental persecution by Equitalia on the grounds of falsified documentation and irregular procedures that had brought him close to irreparable gestures.”

As a result, Maiorano has called for Maradona to stand trial. A hearing will take place on March 18 to determine whether the former Napoli star will be summoned to court.

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