Margot Robbie pokes fun at Hollywood critics

Jun 27, 2016, 09:52 IST | PTI

London: Actress Margot Robbie has poked fun at Hollywood critics, who find controversy in anything.

Margot Robbie. Pic/AFP
Margot Robbie. Pic/AFP

The "Suicide Squad" star joked that the critics might be focused on her co-star in "The Legend of Tarzan" and "True Blood" actor Alexander Skarsgård, reported Digital Spy.

"Maybe they will find sexism in Alexander having his shirt off so much when I don't," she said.

"That's it. We're objectifying Alex and his wonderful torso."

Robbie also tackled the issue of age in Hollywood, following criticisms that she was too young to play the lovers of Will Smith in "Focus" and Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Wolf of Wall Street".

"Will doesn't look his age and I don't look mine. He looks way younger than he is. I look way older. I can't play younger. Nobody's going to cast me as 16," she explained.

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