Maria Sharapova loves beaches, coconut water and yoga

For Russian tennis beauty, her ideal trip is hitting the beach, chill, drink coconut water and doing yoga at sunrise

Russian tennis beauty Maria Sharapova may be the world's highest-paid female athlete and a global brand but she loves the simple things in life.

Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova 

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the 28-year-old revealed she is a beach lover and will always pick the ocean over mountains for a leisure trip.

Nature lover
"I would rather be at the ocean than in the mountains or the desert. I love being in nature and in warm climate. My idea of a perfect trip is hitting the beach, doing yoga at sunrise, drinking coconut water — stuff like that," said Sharapova.

Apart from sharing their passion for tennis, she and her Bulgarian boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov also enjoy travelling with her pet dog Dolce.

Travel companion Grigor Dimitrov
Travel companion Grigor Dimitrov 

"My best travel companion is my dog. Grigor and I both love travelling with him. But I don't take him out of the country with me. I wouldn't want to subject him to my schedule," she said.

Sharapova may not want to subject her pet to the rigours of travel, but she herself enjoys the challenges that accompany traveling to different destinations.

"The best thing about travelling is that it takes me out of my comfort zone. I remember in Tokyo, I wasn't sure where I was going and there was a language barrier, so I couldn't ask directions. There weren't many street signs, and even when there were, I couldn't read them.

But it was an adventure. I like getting lost," said Sharapova, who owns a million dollar candy business named after her — Sugarpova — and is also the face of a series of top brands worldwide.

Sharapova isn't content with merely traveling though. She loves to take pictures and even write about her escapades.

Creative side unleashed
"When I'm travelling, I love to take photos. I have a whole blog and I got into Instagram. It became a creative outlet for me," said Sharapova, despite being Russian, cannot stand the taste of vodka.

One thing that Sharapova doesn't like about traveling though is the concept of bringing back souvenirs from the places she travels to. "I'm not a souvenir person. You won't find me bringing back any little Eiffel Towers," she said.

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