Maria Sharapova not in French Open list

Apr 16, 2016, 08:57 IST | IANS

Moscow: A technical mistake may be behind doping abuse findings in regard to Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, former men’s World No 1 Marat Safin has said.

Maria Sharapova and Marat Safin
Maria Sharapova and Marat Safin

“I believe that Maria is a professional and a team of professionals is working with her. I also believe that some sort of a technical mistake could be behind her situation with Meldonium,” the Russian hall of famer said on Thursday.

Early last month Sharapova told a news conference in Los Angeles that recent doping tests revealed the presence of performance enhancing drug Meldonium in her body system. “Perhaps she was not warned properly (of Meldonium’s ban). This must be some sort of a technical mistake,” Safin said.

On Wednesday, the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) announced that the concentration of less than one microgram of Meldonium in the body system of an athlete, whose doping tests were
conducted before March 1, was acceptable and the athlete at the issue was not a subject to any sanctions whatsoever.

The president of the Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) Shamil Tarpishchev said on Wednesday that the doping case of Sharapova could be possibly settled after April 21, when he intended to hold a meeting with ITF president David Haggerty.

The ITF announced in its statement on Thursday that the Tribunal would take into account WADA’s recent recommendations while reviewing Sharapova’s doping-abuse case.

Sharapova not in French Open list
Paris: Maria Sharapova does not figure in the final entry list of women participants of the 2016 French Open. The new entry list was published on the official website of the 2016 Roland Garros on Thursday.

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