Mark Taylor, Greg Chappell call for four-day Tests

Nov 24, 2015, 08:16 IST | Agencies

Sydney: Pink-ball day-night Test matches, which make their debut this week in Adelaide, should only be the beginning of a cricket revolution, former Australian captain Mark Taylor said. Taylor, a Cricket Australia board member, is advocating the introduction of four-day, 100-over Test matches and a clearly defined Test championship. He wants all Tests to begin on Thursdays, allowing them to build to a Sunday evening climax.

Mark Taylor. Pic/Getty Images

Former Aussie skipper Greg Chappell too endorsed the idea of four-day Tests, “I am a traditionalist, but I am not that frightened by four-day Test matches,” Chappell was quoted as saying by

“If you played enough overs in the day, and I think they’re talking about 100 overs in the day in four days, that’s 400 overs of Test cricket. A lot of Test matches haven’t gone that far. It’s a hell of a lot of cricket — you should be able to get a result in that time,” Chappell added.

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