Marketing at its best

Now that Valentine’s Day is done and dusted with, felt hearts on the shelf, roses in vases, melted candles on tables and teddy bears in cupboards, it is interesting to see how this day, which was unknown on the calendar a few years earlier has grown and evolved.

The massive marketing machine knew that there was money in love and started packaging the day as a very important one on the calendar. Today, of course the results of that marketing are there for all to see. Shops doing brisk business and the day literally turning into a money spinner for what we can say is the romance industry.

In fact, the blossoming of certain days is a new age phenomenon. Now, you have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Women’s Day and many other days all marked with different degrees of enthusiasm, proportionate to the hype whipped up around them.

In fact, the calendar is so full of all kinds of special days that one can only wonder what the marketing pundits would come up with next. Maybe, a world tie-your-shoelace-day, a go to the market day, a dance on the zebra crossings of the roads in your city day and so many others one can think of, simply if you let your imagination run riot.

It does not really take too much to mark a day. Simply package it, make an inventor, give a reason why it should be celebrated, make some slick paraphernalia around it and then start selling this day in different ways to people. It also shows that in the world, often dark with sadness and violent people, cynical though they may be about certain things, do want to celebrate even in small ways. The success of Valentine’s Day proves that in a world where hype and hoopla rule, shouting from the rooftops does work.

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