After the Bombay High Court on Friday rejected team Anna's petition seeking free or discounted rates for the MMRDA ground in Bandra Kurla Complex, a masseur from Badlapur has pledged his five-day earnings to support the cause.

Fifty one year-old Jacob Michael, who offers Kerala Panchkarma massage therapy, earns about Rs 2,000 every day.

"The government, which should have given the ground to Anna for free, is charging a hefty sum. People like me, who may not be earning in lakhs, are ready to part with our salaries for the cause," said Michael. His wife and friends are also willing to support the anti-corruption campaign.

He said the amount he has pledged may not be big, but he is convinced that if everyone supporting the cause makes a small contribution, then the MMRDA rent can easily be paid.

The team organising the five-day fast has to pay Rs 7.78 lakh to rent the MMRDA ground in Bandra Kurla Complex.