Today, Avinash Karn will conduct a workshop on Madhubani style of painting. A student of the reputed Mithila artist, Santosh Kumar Das, Karn will take participants through the basics of Madhubani paintings, the techniques involved, and the various shapes that are part of it.

Lovespring, an acrylic work on Fabriano sheet by Avinash Karn. pIC/Courtesy

Karn is also part of Kachni-Bharni, an art collective, based in Madhubani, Bihar.

The workshop will look into the role that rituals play in the Folk art, and how symbolic items from social occasions  have found their way into Madhubani painting.

On: Today, 2 pm to 6 pm
At: Piramal Vaikunth, Bayer India Road, Balkum, Ram Maruti Nagar Road, Dokali, Thane (W).
Cost: Rs 1,000 (includes materials)
Call: 62166216