The Bombay High Court yesterday refused to grant bail to Jaya Chheda, who was convicted of killing her former husband and matka king Suresh Bhagat in 2013.

Jaya Chheda
Jaya Chheda

Chheda through her counsel had approached the Bombay High Court bench of Justices Bhushan Gavai and Dr Shalini Phansalkar Joshi, claiming that she had got furlough on April 28 and it was about to end on May 27.

She had fallen in her home on May 18 and was admitted in St George Hospital for pain in the back and the right shoulder.

She needs to be given bail as she is admitted in the hospital, her legal counsel told the bench.

The state pleader, Hitendra Dedhia, however, opposed bail and said that she can be admitted to J J Hospital, where there is a jail ward and can take all types of treatment through expert doctors who visit the hospital. Her counsel said that Chheda needs four months' rest for her back injuries.

However, Justice Gavai sent Chheda to the jail ward in JJ Hospital. She can take treatment in the facility in the jail ward under police security, said the bench, while rejecting her plea.

Earlier in 2015, Chheda had taken extension from the Bombay High Court, citing that she was admitted in St George Hospital for a stomach infection.