May we enlighten you?

Oct 21, 2011, 05:56 IST | Dhara Vora

That's what the organisers At The New Age Life Fair would like to do for you through aura readings and crystals with healing powers

The light workers are here to tell you that the paint peeling off the walls in your room could be reflective of your stress levels. "People work towards eradicating corruption and saving the environment, but they don't know that they need to first work on themselves," says 35-year-old Saba Bhat.

Hand-painted altar made by Saba Bhat

She adds, "One can notice a difference by doing something as simple as telling your aching arm that it will be all right or discovering new means of healing, such as aura reading and playing with one's energy fields. Saba, along with Madhvi Singh is hosting The New Age Life Fair, where you can discover new-age tools, techniques and products to transform yourself that you might never have heard of.

On offer are various radical techniques like emotional exorcism, aura reading, colour therapy, where you can learn what colour -- just like food -- you are allergic to, as well as Dynamic Reiki. You can also attend Chakra diagnosis, hypnotherapy, fairy card readings and buy healing products that include Dream Catchers: Native American charms that can be hung over the bed to filter out bad dreams and give you a good night's sleep.

There are also products that can be placed in the house to increase the positive vibrations in the house, crystal products to help improve physical and mental health and Alien Lamps crafted by Bhat from recycled bottles.

On: Today and tomorrow; 12 pm to 8 pm
At: Bliss, Aram Nagar, Fisheries University Road, Seven Bungalows, Versova, Andheri (W).
Call: 26332111.

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