Mayor installs eco-friendly Ganapati

Sep 06, 2011, 08:33 IST | Vivek Sabnis

Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal has installed an eco-friendly Ganapati in his office in the PMC building. "This has happened for the first time in PMC history of the last 60 year," he said.

In the Lord's Name: Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal worships the eco-friendly
Ganapati in his office. Pic/Vivek Sabnis
"The Ganapati deity is made with paper and gum and can is easily dissolved in water."

The Mayor performs pooja and aarti every evening, whereas the morning aarti is done by the office staff. "The 10-day Ganpati deity will be immersed in a PMC-made water tank," Rajpal said.

Rajpal has also installed a Ganapati at home. He said his three sons, Jagjit Singh, Bachchan Singh and Raminder Singh, perform aarti with their mother Jasbir Kaur every evening.

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