Mayor says will personally look into women's loo issue

Mar 21, 2012, 08:00 IST | Priyankka Deshpande
After MiD DAY reports on city lacking sufficient toilets on roads for women, Bankar says she plans to take up matter on priority basis after Gudi Padwa
Following MiD DAY's reports on insufficient public toilets for women, newly elected Mayor Vaishali Bankar gave assurances that she would look into the matter after the Hindu New Year (Gudi Padwa) on March 23.

Personal attention: Mayor Vaishali Bankar says she has already been thinking of ways to improve the toilet situation in the city. She says besides building more toilets, keeping the available facilities clean is equally important and she has been contemplating an increase in the strength of Class IV staff for the purpose.
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In its March 20 issue, this paper highlighted the fact that Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had tricked citizens by including public toilets located in various buildings of the civic body and slum areas as the total number of women's public toilets in the city.

Considering this as a priority, Bankar said she would personally take charge to work on the issue of public toilets for women. She said, "I have decided to take up the issue immediately after Hindu New Year." Bankar added that she will call a meeting with PMC health officials on a priority basis to discuss what could be done to make land available on roads for women's toilets.

Bankar said, "Our work will not end by just constructing new toilets, but keeping them clean will be the real task."

She said she was already thinking about increasing the strength of Class IV staff or outsourcing the job of cleaning existing toilets in the city. "I am aware of the situation of women's toilets in the city and this issue is of personal priority and one which I always wanted to work on," Bankar said.

She added that she would initiate a planned project to facilitate public toilets for women and would also take this issue up with PMC commissioner, Mahesh Pathak.

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