Mazgaon school admits only 7 students from sister branch, faces protest

St Mary’s High School (SSC) in Mazgaon is just no stranger to controversy.

The school, which has been in the news for the wrong reasons several times in the past, is now at the receiving end of the bitter wrath of 17 sets of parents, whose children were denied admission into the secondary section (Std V) even though they are students of its sister branch, St Anne’s Parochial School, which has classes only till Std IV.

Admissions to Std V of St Mary’s High School (SSC) were conducted via lottery yesterday
Admissions to Std V of St Mary’s High School (SSC) were conducted via lottery yesterday

Parents of the 17 students who were refused admission staged a protest outside the school yesterday. The school followed a lottery system to select students into Std V, forms for which were made available on May 9. The lottery was conducted yesterday at 10 am.

Parents of 27 students from the primary section of St Anne’s Parochial School had registered for admissions at St Mary’s. During the lottery session, seven students from the sister branch received admissions, while the other 20 students were left out.

The same administrative body runs both schools. Parents alleged that while taking admissions at St Anne’s Parochial School, they were apprehensive about the fact that the school provided teaching only till Std IV, but that their fears were put to rest by the management, who assured them that their wards would be directly accommodated to the higher section of St Mary’s School (SSC).

Jyoti Kamaria, a parent, said, “We were promised admissions here, and that’s the reason we took the plunge and admitted our children in a school that only has a primary section. Now, they are refusing to give our children admission. This school is our only option. The other schools in the area say they have no vacancies.”

Vijay Rathod, another parent, said, “The students from the sister branch should be given more priority than the other students, as it is very natural for us to approach this school first.” The angry parents are planning to make a trip to the education department this morning, to request for its intervention in the matter.

The other side
Fr Baptist Pinto, principal of St Mary’s, said, “We have 40 vacant seats in Std V and received 233 applications for the same. We conducted a lottery on Friday, where obviously all students haven’t got seats. So, some parents are protesting at the school gate.”

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