MBA aspirant flooded with support, receives donation from Priya Dutt

Savita Doke, the daughter of scrap pickers, receives an outpouring of help after MiD DAY reported on how she was struggling to pay her final semester fees; Priya Dutt donates Rs 25,000 to the 22-year old girl

After reading the story about Savita Doke, an MBA aspirant and daughter of scrap pickers, who was struggling to get a job to pay her final year’s semester fees, her family received an overwhelming response from people willing to extend financial aid.

After reading about the story of Savita, MP Priya Dutt invited the MBA aspirant and her mother to her office to donate Rs 25,000, her last semester’s fees
After reading about the story of Savita, MP Priya Dutt invited the MBA aspirant and her mother to her office to donate Rs 25,000, her last semester’s fees

The MiD DAY office was flooded with more than 100 emails and phone calls after the story was reported on February 3, to help the 22-year-old who was working tirelessly to pursue her higher education. One of the calls was from Priya Dutt, Member of Parliament (MP), who asked her officials to invite Savita to her office on Tuesday and receive the donation.

MiD DAY report on February 3. Pic/Satyajit Desai

MiD DAY report on February 3. Pic/Satyajit Desai

Dutt donated Rs 25,000 to Savita from the Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust. Despite being informed that she had received the donation to pay for her fees, people still wanted to pitch in and ensure that the young student could buy books to study, instead of borrowing from friends or visiting the library. She has also received internship offers from a couple of organisations.

Savita said, “I am grateful to all the people from India and outside India, who have called me or wanted to get in touch with me to help. I am also thankful to Priya Dutt, who presented me with my last semester’s fees. I promise to work hard and pass my MBA exams with good marks that will help me stand on my feet.”

When the MP asked the young aspirant about her future, she said, “I will look for a job. The support of people has been unimaginable and I’m determined to live up to everyone’s expectations.” Leela Doke, her mother, told this newspaper, “We are grateful to everyone who wants to help my daughter and to Priya madam. We are finally relieved and are no more stressed.” “It is because of such encouraging stories we come across in MiD DAY that gives us a chance to help people like Savita,” added Dutt.

  • Ali Ur Rahman 05-Feb-2014

    Really a good job done by an the education need people, it really brings happiness to life.

  • MICKEY NIVELLI05-Feb-2014

    PRIYA DUTT is just like her legendary mother Mrs. NARGIS DUTT - always at the forefront to help the needy. Many people are aware of all the good Mrs. Nargis Dutt has done. Many more do not know of the good she used to do quietly. She would anticipate and even guess if a person needed help. Once during my days as their Manager I had a bad family crisis. I remained silent about it but was depressed. She comes up to me asking: "You are hiding something - tell me". When I did she jumped into action and solved my problem magically. How can I also forget that once Shri Sunil Dutt saved my life by at last minute pulling me off a Mumbai/Delhi flight that crashed and killed everyone. How can I repay them both?. They are my real life heroes. In heaven too I am sure both of them are busy doing good.

  • Ravi mudappa05-Feb-2014

    Good job Mid Day. Please highlight genuine cases like this in the future. It is more heartening to read these stories rather than how much some politicians are looting this country.

  • A Shaikh05-Feb-2014

    Good Work All! What about kids living on streets, they are in SOS situation almost fighting death every single hour, kids small as 2-3 year old, does anyone bother about them, they just need a supporting hand and nothing else, amount people spent on cigarette, gutka, alcohol can change their lives.

  • Munaf Kapde05-Feb-2014

    Good job and its a good source by Mid Day

  • Idris05-Feb-2014

    Well done mid-day. I'm proud of mid-day reader. Please highlight such things. Well done Ms. Priya Dutt.

  • Veenu05-Feb-2014

    Great job Mid-Day! After a long time iam seeing some good for girls in this country, thanks for highlighting such deserving cases.

  • Ritesh Singh05-Feb-2014

    You see... that's why I like Mid-Day!!... It has been happening every day... Mid-Day has always been best at its role as a News Media. With all the commendable motives and endeavors it has given justice, shelter, support and lot more to all the needy people. It has always been the best out of the rest of them.. I have seen changes happening due to Mid-Days initiatives and not one has been unacknowledged so far.. I am one of the proud readers.. And these changes build up blocks of hopes in me.

  • Anuj05-Feb-2014

    Great job Mid-day for taking up people's causes. Hats off to Ms. Priya Dutt, she is as generous and noble hearted as her great father Shri. Sunil Dutt.

  • i2-Asian05-Feb-2014

    Good Work Mid- day Extend your support to all needed people since, there are people who needs help.

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