Is the MCA staring at a tactical blunder? It is likely to scrap the Twenty20 tournament for 'A' and 'B' division clubs due to backlog of earlier tournaments.

This has left the Mumbai selectors with little choice but to watch only those players toiling away in the ongoing MCA Corporate T20 tournament to pick the Mumbai squad for the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament which on starts March 28. Expectedly, some top club secretaries are fuming over MCA's scheduling gaffe.

Club secretaries fume
"Only those players who are employed with these corporate teams may get a look in for the Mumbai T20 team. But what about other youngsters who have been working hard throughout the season in the hope to make the cut? It would be unfair if only players playing the Corporate T20 tournament are preferred," said a club secretary.

However, MCA's tournament secretary Srikant Tigdi said most of the top players are playing the Corporate Trophy. "Around 95 per cent of our top players are a part of this corporate tournament. And those players who are not employed with any of these corporate teams would be selected on their past performances in this season," said Tigdi.