Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) is sitting on a detailed 23-page proposal for the revival of its Bandra Kurla Complex indoor academy which the association shut down nine months ago. MiD DAY was the first to report (February 4) on how the state-of-the-art indoor academy is virtually shut due to the non-appointment of coaches, physiotherapist, trainers and video analyst.

plan-maker: Vijay Patil

The MCA asked its vice-president Vijay Patil to come up with a plan that would lead to a resumption of activity at the academy. MCA sources informed MiD DAY that Patil submitted a thorough plan to the MCA almost two months ago, but nothing has been done. However, MCA Joint Honorary Secretary Nitin Dalal said they are in the process of making appointments. “We have already started work on that front. Within a month, we should be done with it,” said Dalal. Ironically, Dalal had said the same thing when the non-activity of the academy was first reported: “The appointment of support staff at the indoor academy is on our priority list and we will decide on it by end of this month (February).”

It can be recalled that the academy’s honorary chairman Lalchand Rajput revealed the urgency of making appointments. He wrote several letters to the MCA secretary to convene a meeting, but all fell to deaf ears. Instead, the MCA immediately slapped a show cause notice on the former India coach and cricketer for publicly criticising the functioning of the indoor academy.  Rajput replied for his comments in the media and the matter was resolved in the last month’s Managing Committee meeting. 

Key points of Vijay Patil’s proposal
>> Full time batting, bowling (pace & spin), fielding, wicketkeeping coaches.
>>  Fitness trainer, physiotherapist, massage therapist, nutritionist, hawk-eye tracking and video analysis.
>> Mental conditioning.
>>  Scholarship and conditioning camps.
>>  To conduct various training programs at its premises for Mumbai U-16, U-19, U-22 and Mumbai women’s team.
>> Recovery after hard training sessions with the help of yoga expert, massage therapist and swimming pool session.
>>  Lectures by experts on laws of the game, finance management, handling the media and doping issues.
>>  Motivational talks by leading sportsmen and inspirational films. Injury prevention.
>>  High performance batting camp.
>>  High performance bowling camp.
>>  Salary structure of the key appointments.