Meanwhile... these drivers gave up a day's wage for Anna

Dec 28, 2011, 08:51 IST | Nivedita Dargalkar

On day one of the three-day anti-government fast initiated by social crusader Anna Hazare in the city, he found supporters in Mumbai's rickshaw walas, who thronged in great numbers to the MMRDA grounds to express their solidarity and support the cause.

The participation occurred regardless of the fact that almost all of them had to give up on their day's wage.

Main bhi anna! Umashankar Yadav was one of the several auto drivers
who thronged the MMRDA grounds in Anna's support

Though most them were clueless about the contents of the Jan Lokpal Bill and lacked knowledge about the ongoing Lokpal debate in the Parliament, they had assembled at the grounds as they could identify with the larger message of 'fight against corruption', the main purpose of Anna's fast.

'Anna, our hero'
Umashankar Yadav, an auto driver by profession for the past five years, said, "I believe Annaji is our only hope against corruption. The evil of corruption is prevalent in all walks of life. Whether you go to a ration shop or an RTO office, nothing works without an agent."

Seconding Yadav's opinion, Indresh Tiwari asserted, "I have been following Annaji from the time he held a Satyagraha in Delhi for the first time. This man has a unique capability to unite people and I have come here to catch a glimpse of his greatness."

He added, "As I will not earn anything today, I will have to pay the auto owner from my pocket. But it's a small price to pay when compared to Annaji."

While Vindhoia Tiwari stated that he too would go on a day's fast.

"I will fast the entire day with Annaji today, and will drive the rickshaw in the night to recover my day's
losses. Annaji is full of hope.  With corruption infiltrating and ruining our day-to-day life, we identify ourselves with Annaji's cause," stated a determined Tiwari.

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