There are only two lifts for the private wards in AIIMS. While one has been reserved for the high-profile visitors, doctors, patients and attendants have to share the other one with garbage bins

These days, one has to think twice before going for a proper health check-up at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

The high-profile patients admitted at the hospital have made the life of common man even more difficult, and the recent admission of Amar Singh has not helped the matters.

The lift for the 'commoners' at AIIMS

Not that he himself is creating any problems, but the VIPs visitors coming to meet him have literally taken over the hospital.

Wife of Arun Kumar (name changed), who has been suffering from dengue, has been in the hospital for almost 10 days now.

She was admitted in the same ward where Amar Singh was admitted. Kumar either has to wait for hours to visit his wife, or climb five floors for smallest of tasks.

Apparently, according to the families, one lift has been virtually reserved for the VIPs and it takes forever for somebody's turn to come in the one remaining lift.

"There are only two lifts in the private ward. Now whenever a VIP comes to meet Amar Singh, one of the lifts is jammed and is kept open only for the VIPs.

Rest of the people, whether patients or attendants or even paramedical staff, have to suffice with the other lift," rued Kumar.

According to the doctors, the problem is not new. They say they have been facing this for years. The matter has been taken to the higher authorities but no action has been taken as yet.

Efforts in vain
"We took up the matter last year in July as we all, including patients and family members, face trouble. We also asked them to arrange for separate lifts for doctors and patients but nothing has been done.

In the end, the matter was left to New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC)," said Dr Debjyoti Karmakar, president, resident doctors association (RDA), AIIMS.

According to doctors, they have been facing problems
related to lifts for years now

Savita Gupta, another family member who had come to the institute for the treatment of her brother, said, "It is extremely unreasonable on the part of the hospital.

People are made to travel in the same lift that carries garbage bins. We have to suffer all of this because the other lift is blocked for the high-profile visitors. They should think about common patients too."

"It is true that sometimes, family members and even patients have to share the lift with garbage bins," said one of the doctors on the condition of anonymity.

According to sources, construction work has been going on other for the last three to four years now but to no avail. "There is some tiff going on between the NDMC and the institute.
Most matters where NDMC is involved are hanging and still not resolved," said another doctor.

The other side
Dr Y K Gupta, official spokesperson, AIIMS, said, "Two of the lifts are under construction and they will be operational soon.

But I am not sure that whether there would be any segregation of lifts. I think it will be considered and there will be separate lifts for doctors and patients so that they don't have to face any more problems."